Better Skills open doors to employment.

Principal's Message

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and Well-wishers,

I greet you most cordially. You must know that, for us in Don Bosco, this is one of the most powerful means to publicise or picturise what Don Bosco is in the present day. 

We look up to Don Bosco, our Father and Founder as our Model. Don Bosco, for us, is not just a memory of the past, but a charismatic living presence, active and stretching out to the future. As this magazine is being released, with its theme, ‘Youth and Culture’, so appropriate and defining of what Don Bosco represents, I believe it is important to put to the print the themes placed before us by the ‘STRENNA 2019: So that my Joy may be in you (Jn 15:11) Holiness for you, too. 

Through the ‘Strenna 2019’, the Rector Major, Don Angel Artime, reminds all that it is God who calls every one to Holiness and the call to Holiness is for everyone. In the beginning of his letter from Rome, written on 10th May 1884, Don Bosco wrote to his young people, “I have only one wish, to see you happy in this world and in the next.”

Borrowing the words of Don Bosco, it’s an earnest wish that we all be happy and content in every sphere. Let us make Don Bosco known through various means of media. There’s a lot of good happening around us and within our own circles. We have to make the good known, to make it visible. For if we do not, only what is evil and egotistical is seen.

Don Bosco Technical School, is one of its kind in imparting Technical Training to young people with precision and finish, with an Art of Listening and of Accompaniment in the field of Quality Skill Training.

Since 1937 the School has been moving towards giving best to all its students. The manifold hardwork put in by Salesians, faculties and students have made it to become what it is today.

There are many renowned industries who have come forward to bridge the gap that exists between a Training Centre and an Industry. The Government and CSR initiatives assists the centre in its upgradation which makes school to give best to the society. 

Through this website Don Bosco is looking for better partnerships and linkages for advancements. May Don Bosco Tech network assist young people from far and wide to Skill Enhancements for BETTER SKILLS, BETTER JOB & BETTER LIFE.

Upcoming Events


1. Admissions for the TWO YEAR ITI COURSES (2023-25) and THREE MONTH SHORT TERM COURSES (2023-2024) are OPEN. For further details, please visit the Technical School Office between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. only on working days (Monday to Friday). / Call: 6291920834.

2. Industrial Tour 2023

3. Technical Quiz 2023

4. Trade Exhibition 2023